New Year New Nothing

I used to love New Years resolutions. They were an excuse to drink as much as I could fit the last week of the year, followed by obsessing on all of the things I was going to deny myself in January. Helped along with a handy dash of self-loathing, just for good measure.

Every resolution was about what I consumed. Because I truly thought what I didn’t drink or eat would transform who I was. Like my identity was little more than a makeover. 

It never worked. Obviously. Because obsession and subtracting just made me and my world smaller. It didn’t fix anything. I was still as broken as ever.

I decided a few years ago that it would be better to have New Year Resolutions that would make me bigger. Teach me things. Make my world as big as possible.


This year two of my main resolutions are to write a post every day. Because the more I write the more I learn. It won’t all be on here, I’ll spread them out over all the different places my bits and pieces end up.

The second one is to give away one free session per week. As my 90 minute sessions are £150 it’s probably quite a good deal. Especially if you live on the other side of the pond.

I’ve 52 slots. I’m going to give half away right now, so you can get organised and put your name down on the waiting list if you want one. And half as the year progresses. Just email me or message me below if you want put yourself in for one.

I feel like these are two things I can do that will push me to make 2016 a bigger, more exiting place of discovery. If I’m wrong? Then I’ll do something different next year. But I don’t mind being wrong.

Id rather be wrong and make progress. Than be perfect and live in a restricted, sterile place where nothing happens.
I’d rather have New Nothing, but bigger versions of everything I already have. 


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