How To…

I lost my home today.

Which was interesting…

In a summer filled with one unbelievable blessing after another-and during what has to be hands-down one of the best weeks that’s ever happened to me, it has to be said I was slightly unprepared for this.

I wandered around my beautiful little corner of London in quite a daze for much of the day. As I did I started thinking about how much everything had changed for me since I moved here. how much I had changed. So much so that I started making a list of the things I learned to do here:

How to Walk

How to Use Transport

How to Food Shop

How to Work

How to talk to a stranger

How to look a person in the eye

How to make a new friend

How to be around people

How to be alone

How to make it through an entire day without crying

How to say yes to a  date

How to say yes to a date and then actually go on one

How to live in a city

How to live

I’m so glad my life has shown me that always when it looks like the end of something it’s really just time for a new version of me to appear. Stronger, better, wiser, braver. Every time. No exceptions. I’m so lucky it’s not just an idea I read somewhere that I’d quite like to be true. That it’s a fact I see presented to me so many times I have to believe it. That I know when I’m truly ready to go life gives me a massive shove in the right direction. That when I look at my How To list and I realise it’s all to do with putting myself back together-then it’s time to go find the place I am going to live and  be a Whole and Fixed person. I don’t know where my next little corner of the world will be, I don’t know what I’ll be doing when I get there. But I know I’m more ready for it than I’ve ever been. That it’s time my world got a little bigger-and maybe just maybe that this version of me is finally ready to share that world with someone-instead of just liking the idea of it but feeling safer alone.

Now I’m just excited to see where I’m going-and what my new list will look like-almost as excited as I am to see yours actually…

Have fun writing it and seeing how far you have truly come,



One thought on “How To…

  1. Very awesome blog !! I couldnt have wrote this any better than you if I tried super hard hehe!! I like your style too!! it’s very unique & refreshing…

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