I’m Ready When You Are

I meet so many new people, make so many new friends from those of you who contact me on here. Some of you just pop in to say hi and leave me beautiful messages which I’m very grateful for. Others of course want to use life after the chair for your own recovery. If so you usually fall into one of two categories:

One is the folk who are chronically unwell and have been for years. I’ve met lots of them and I was one. No I’m not a doctor, but one thing I’ve noticed is that regardless of how the illness came about, the inability to recover usually comes from a faulty adrenal system. If you can unlock the way to regulate yours then recovery is a really rapid thing.

The second set of lovely lads and lasses are those who have been through trauma such as an accident. The physical recovery is long and is managed by doctors-but the psychological knock and the need to start from scratch in a world you no longer see as safe prompts the need for extra support.

I honestly believe there are endless ways to get well. Limitless amounts of help and resources to tap into. I believe as the world is shrinking due to social networking we can all be in the same place at the same time and benefit from all this Wisdom-regardless of location or physical condition.

I do come visit people and see if we find the best form of treatment face to face. It’s a privilege for me to be able to do that. But lots of you who visit life after the chair and email me don’t live in England. You live places I’ve never been. Iceland, Malaysia, Qatar. Much as I’d love to come give you a hug and have a cup of tea with you we are just a little too far from each other. Plus I do have the day job which keeps me quite busy, and gives me a platform which allows me to reach more than one person at a time-which is the reason I do it.

I believe that if we tackle the physical symptoms by trying absolutely everything that resonates with us-we WILL find something that works. I believe that if we get excited about life we make our recovery an empowering experience.

I believe we cannot feel love and fear at the same time. Fall in love with your Life After right now-even if it feels like the majority of it is hard and scary and sometimes not worth living. Look for the grains of hope wherever you can, the tiny almost imperceptible ones. Ignore everything else. Find the little bits of love you can. You won’t be scared if you do that. It’s enough to get you started I promise. We can work out the rest together from that point. That’s why I set this place up. It’s what matters to me more than anything else in the world. To get you well and keep you well. To show you it can be done. Now. Today.

I’m ready when you are,



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