What Faith is?

I tend to run head first into everything these days without any real consideration of potential outcomes. I used to think it was due to a combination of always feeling the lost years I had removed from the world, and the need to make up for them now and just not giving a feck what the consequences were to any actions, having seemingly already lived through the worst life was ever going to throw at me. But I’ve just realised that it’s neither, and it’s changed the course of my world a little. And it’s made things make more sense a lot.

Every day I rely on brain exercises to keep my body working properly. If I don’t do them properly them I’ll end up back in the chair. If I don’t do them at all then it’s back to my parents spare room for me. If they stop working of their own accord then it could be either really.

Brain exercises, not a pill I can pop, or medicine I can swallow. Not something I can see or smell or taste. Just feel. I have to believe in something I cannot see. I have to have faith in that which is beyond my logical understanding. And it turns out that belief has filtered out into every other aspect of my life. That’s why I love fearlessly and believe in the goodness and kindness of all people. That’s why I’ll be an incurable optimist for the rest of my life. I can’t see love but I know it exists. I can’t see goodness in people, but I can feel both of those things. To me that’s what faith is.

So if you’re waiting for your own cure to come in the form of incontrovertible physical Evidence, maybe it’s time to have a little re-think. Perhaps it’s worth looking at the people around you and noticing where there faith lies-because all of us believe in at least one thing we cannot see. It could be Love or God or reading your horoscope in the paper, but we all have our own way of practising faith. Maybe finding yours will lead to you very own life after. It’s certainly continuing to shape mine.

C x


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