There Once was a Girl

There once was a girl and a chair. Til the girl got rid of the chair, but she filled that space up with fear instead.

Then there was a girl and her fear.

So the girl tried to replace the fear with a boy. But of course no girl can hide behind a boy just so that the fear cannot see her. So then there was no boy and it was just the girl and her fear again.

The fear seemed bigger than the girl, so it seemed an unfair fight, but the girl believed in Happy Ever After’s and though she now realised there would be no knight in shining armour to save the day, she hoped she might actually be brave enough to save herself. So then there was a girl, and her fear, and her little bit of hope.

And as the girl found more and more things she felt brave about, she found more things to love. And as the little bit of bravery got bigger, the fear got smaller and smaller. Til it hardly seemed there at all.

There once was a girl, and her hope. And they planned on living Happily Ever After



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