Hey Genie

Oh Magic Genie in a Bottle-where are you? Why do you remain elusive? You would be so handy for day to day tasks. Sorting out the naughty boys from the nice. Making Jane Norman have a 95% off Sale as standard. Adjusting the laws of physics so the more Dairy Milk I ate the younger I’d look…

But I actually really could have done with you the most as I tentatively ventured back into the world and started my own Life After. When I’d spent so long away from the people and places and an actively well body, that I didn’t really remember what to expect or what was normal. I’d have asked you to make me a Magic List full of things that would come in handy for me to remember. Things that most people would think ridiculously unnecessary. Yes, clearly that would have been an awesome use of a Magic Genie Wish…

Since my Genie continues to be MIA, I’m going to assume that yours is too. So whilst it may not be magic, here is a list of reminders to keep with you whilst navigating the world after a few years out of it…

•It’s really normal to stay out of the house for the full day, people do it everyday without needing help, it’s normal for a body to be able to do it. I’d you can’t do it yet just keep looking for examples of it in the people around you-you will be joining them soon.

•People can and do walk miles everyday, thousands upon thousands of steps. It’s quite normal. You probably did it too. It’s quite normal to stand and walk for hours at a time. So expect to be able to do it.

•Eating at least 3 times a day is also a very regular thing. If you’ve recently started being mobile and you’re experiencing weird sensations you can’t quite place then it’s probably hunger. I know-weird right? I’ve been able to eat normally for about a year now and I still struggle to place the sensation of hunger after so many years of not feeling it. It might take a few months, but you will be able to eat like everyone else so expect it and enjoy it.

•Make plans. People plan holidays and weekends and evenings away. It’s very normal. Don’t be scared that by doing it you’ll be tempting fate and end up too unwell to go. You won’t. Everyone does it! Have fun!

•Meeting people face to face, it’s way more fun than corresponding virtually. Nothing wrong with people meeting online, but you’ve already spent so much time with physical barriers between you and the world. Leave it in the past.

•Shopping, in actual shops. You can do it, you know you can. It’s something that will make you feel so independent-and it’s so manageable. I still walk around supermarkets grinning like a lunatic because I can buy my own groceries and feed myself. It never gets old. It’s literally the best feeling I know. Don’t rob yourself of it by getting stuff delivered to your door.

•8 hours of sleep a night. I used to be quite obsessed with worry over sleep. So now I don’t even give it room for thought. I’m fine on a lot less, my body can handle it as, as can most, but it robs me off feeling less than 100% happy if I use it as an excuse to stress. So don’t you don’t either. Set your alarm get your 8 hours then get back out there.

•Things move really fast outside. Cars, bikes, runners, so keep your eyes peeled, stick to the far inside of the pavement. The least action happens there-if in doubt follow the octogenarians-they’ve always got it sussed…

I’m sure I’ve missed lots out. I’m sure the Genie’s Magic List would have been far superior. But honestly take this one with you. It might come in handy til your brain kicks in and reminds you of how things used to be.

Still properly wish I had a Genie but…

C xx


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