Check the Source

A wonderful thing that happens on any journey to wellness is a reaffirming of how lovely people truly are. How keen they are to see you get well again. So many kind and thoughtful people read or hear about cures and treatments and just love to pass this information on to whoever needs it. You might receive newspaper clippings from older family members, email links from friends, news articles from former work colleagues. It’s overwhelmingly generous, and sometimes yes, just plain overwhelming. because truly where do you start? How do you know who to listen to, who to trust?

At first I threw money at everything I could think of. The more expensive it was the more effective I thought it would be. I can tell you with hindsight I was way off with my thinking on this one. my cure was not cheap, but it was far from the most expensive thing I tried.

Then as my frustration grew I’d switch tactics to go with the treatments the offered the quickest results. I can also report this was wrong. It takes as long as it takes. Some people find a cure that takes months, some weeks, some days. The journey to wellness is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, I spent a lot of time putting the full emphasis on getting well, so much so I forgot about staying well.

There were treatments I was really interested in but was too scared about what others would think of me if I tried them. I had several people who really loved me go off on one when they heard about some of what I was doing. Now I realise it’s their fear not mine they have to deal with. But when you are physically and mentally at a low ebb it can be devastating to have to defend your choices, it can shake your confidence so much that you throw in the towel and just forget the whole thing. Any kind of confrontation can be very frightening when you are that ill. I’ll never forget that.

There are some things I wish I’d known then that I know now. So if you are still looking for your own miracle then please bear these little things in mind.

  • Keep Going. Please just keep going. no matter how crap you feel, no matter how much it feels like your faith is shaken and your heart is broken by disappointment. Because the last cure is always the one that works.
  • The weirder the cure and the more mainstream society objects to it, the more likely it is to be effective in my book. This is something I discovered myself through trial and error. If it’s something you aren’t comfortable with then just discard it.
  • Ignore statistics. You are not a number. I don’t care if it promises 95% success rate or 3% you are you, this is not the time to be comparing yourself to anyone, Especially when we are all still so in the dark as to why some people get well and some do not. Stick your La-La fingers in your ears and have a good sing-song if anyone tries to tell you what to expect percentage wise.
  • Expect a cure. Expect to get well. Expect success. Or as Henry Ford said “Think you can, think you can’t-either way you’ll be right.”

But perhaps most importantly Check Your Source. Is the person who is offering you this treatment walking their walk and talking their talk? Do they themselves have the kind of life you would like? Have they stood where you are standing now? Are they healthy? Are they happy? Are they positive? Do they love their own life? If the answer to these questions is yes then that’s all the encouragement I’d ever need. But if the answer is no well then I suggest you ask them to jog on and go straight to the next item on your list. And because people are so good and so kind there will always be someone eager to tell you about something you haven’t yet tried, never worry about that.



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