The Best Bits

If you can get yourself through the first year of being back out in the world again I can promise you these are just some of the Best Bits:

Realizing that the stuff that used to worry you doesn’t even warrant a response. Try being scared of something like a lack of money after what you’ve experienced. The thought will make you laugh.

Not fearing illness because you know you got through it once and you’ll get through it again, only quicker this time and without even questioning if you can.

Feeling empowered in the knowledge that you do not need another person to provide emotional or physical support because it was you and you alone who got yourself back to where you are now.

Being totally present in the here and now because the past is definitely not a place worth dwelling on for any amount of time.

The unequivocable knowledge that even your worst day back in the world is better than your best day was out of it.

The look on your doctors face when they realize you’ve done what they told you was impossible.

Never ever being bored. Ever.

Appreciating that it’s not possible to get mad about the same things you used to-because you’re only ever 10 seconds away from perspective kicking in and showing you that all is well.

When a stranger accuses you of never having known a difficult day in your life-because then you know you’re not carrying your past around with you.

That feeling when you walk your first mile.

Finding out something new about this version of yourself that you’ve created by default. Over and over again. Even when you think you’ve discovered all you can.

Knowing that this really is just the beginning…



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