I Promise

I think with any type of recovery there are times when you just hit a wall. When you know the only real way out is through, even if you have no idea where it’s going to lead you. Times when you’ve changed so much that you do not recognise the person you’ve become-and no one else recognises you either. Where you feel like a little alien navigating your way through a world that has completely changed in your absence. Sometimes I still feel that way. If this is how you are feeling right now then I want you to take these promises and keep them with you:

I promise you are on your way to places bigger and better than anywhere you’ve been before your Journey to Wellness began.

I promise that the people who don’t feel like the right fit in your life anymore will be replaced by the best friends you could ever ask for.

I promise that the confusion will go away and you’ll be left with a sense of self so clear that nothing will ever shake it.

I promise that if you don’t know or have just forgotten how to act in a certain situation, then faking it always works. I also promise that you won’t be the only one doing it.

I promise that after what you’ve been through, life is going to seem like one big game from now on.

I promise you will Love like you have never Loved before.

I promise you this happiness you get brief glimpses of every now and then will soon become a permanent state of Being.

I promise you that the the thought of death will no longer scare you, or the thought of illness. But most importantly the thought of Living won’t scare you either.

I promise that the fear will go away.

C xx


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