The Bit They Don’t Tell You

The main reason I set this place up was to give people the opportunity to have something I never had-namely evidence that it’s entirely possible to go from being totally dependant on others and very sick indeed, to complete independence and a life better than the one you had before you even got sick in the first place. And in the spirit of this I want to share a few things that you might not want to hear. But it’s stuff l wish someone had told me… So here’s a few to be getting on with.

When you get to the point that you’re physically well enough to leave the house and start your life again properly-you’re going to wish you weren’t. It’s scary and hard and beyond description-and it’s going to be that way for a long time. Be prepared to feel this way for about 18 months. And do what you can to take care of yourself not just physically (because it’s a painful process getting your body back to full working order) but mentally it takes it toll being afraid all the time.

But stick with it. Get up every morning fully expecting to feel like a failure but don’t give up. Don’t run home and hide in your bedroom. You spent years there-even the hardest day in the Real World beats the best day housebound. I had days where I felt I wouldn’t ever make it through and come out the other side anything less than a shadow of the person l once was. That I’d never feel safe again, or normal, or capable of Being part of the real world again. But I was wrong.

If you can get through the first 18 months then you can do anything. And at the end of it is a place so good you won’t believe it. It’s a place you’ve never dreamt of. A place you are so filled with appreciation for every experience that comes your way, that you will feel bad for those that haven’t been in your shoes and therefore don’t have your seemingly endless capacity for Joy.

It’s all on it’s way to you, so keep that in mind if you aren’t feeling so great right now. I promise it’s only just around the corner.

C xx


One thought on “The Bit They Don’t Tell You

  1. Cinderella says:

    This has made my day. I wish all potsings were this good.

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