True Freedom?

I had a conversation with a workmate of mine coming home from a show last night. It echoed a conversation I seem to keep having with people-and never at my instigation. I figure since it keeps showing up its time we had a little chat about Freedom.

It’s a funny one isn’t it? For some people Freedom is a financial state. The more money we have the more choices available to us. For others it’s throwing off all social constraints and living off the grid with no one to answer to but themselves. I was recently talking to a lady about a challenging time in her life-her divorce was when she would go out dancing one night a week. She would take to the floor for hours and that one night a week was what kept her going through the stress of it all.

I have learned through my own journey to wellness that for me the only type of freedom that exists in this world is Emotional Freedom. Before I spent the years I did Housebound, back when my life was “normal” I actually felt very trapped. I didn’t like my patterns of behaviour-but it never occurred to me to change them-or even that I could. I didn’t feel happy or fulfilled in my work, but I didn’t see how I could change course at this stage of my life. The years I spent being massively physically restricted actually freed me from my Limiting Thoughts.

You see in my entire life up until that point I’d always trusted everyone else’s opinions way more than my own. Doctors, Newspapers, Peers, it didn’t matter where the information came from, or how it made me feel. I let everyone except me tell me what to do, and how life had to be lived. And all it did was keep me small and unhappy-until the day I was told to expect no sort of real recovery from this physical trap I was in. That no one could help me. That I’d never get the life back I once had. That was the moment everything changed. I knew right then and there that I had to start listening to myself, to that voice inside that told me ever so quietly but firmly that these professionals were wrong. That there were no limits. That I would be ok because there was always an answer and always a way to get better.

Nowadays I feel free all of the time. I have True Emotional Freedom because I always listen to my own instincts. I do not read the papers anymore, or watch the news, or parrot any information others give to me. There is nothing wrong with any of these sources of information-I just know that if I went back to following them then I’d start to believe once again that there are limits in this life. To do so would not serve me in any way.  Now if I do not like where I am or who I am with, or the direction I find myself going in I change course without fear of consequences.

True Freedom for me comes down to this: Two Working Legs, an Open Heart and an Open mind. The World is Mine. There are No Limits.


Carrie xx


3 thoughts on “True Freedom?

  1. Angela Hancock-Greene says:

    beautiful piece carrie. I don’t watch the news or tv actually for the same reasons you do. I feel we follow and are influenced by the lives of others so much, usually to the detriment of our own self growth. Always comparing ourselves to what others are doing and achieving and as for the news, well if we focused more time as a society on braodcasting the positives that happen in peoples lives, then maybe the news would have a calming and positive effect. Instead of the opposite. It instills fear and incapulates us all in a bubble of conforming, not striving for more, why should we right, because bad things can happen. Isn’t that what it promotes to some degree. Anyway, i agree with all your words and freedom for me is living my way and working on myself. Freedom is self growth, because at the end of the day all we have in this life is the relationship we have with ourselves and how we relate to others, and that kind of peace and positivity can add so much love and positive energy into the world creating what is for me, freedom.
    Love you.

  2. Mel says:

    Great piece. LOL. Freedom is a funny thing, sometimes we just exist going about doing our everyday things, after a while you wake up in the morning and think to yourself…….. “Am i living life, is there any joy”. We all create a little freedom for ourselves, like in your piece about the divorced lady. One small thing or change can make such a huge difference…….

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