The Chocolate Green Smoothie

When I was four years old I had the world of Grown-Ups totally sussed. I was going to do whatever I wanted when I reached the heady heights of Adulthood. I was going to stay up as late as I wanted-even late enough to find out what program was on after The Muppet Show and The A-Team. No one would be telling me to tidy my room. And perhaps most glorious of all I was going to eat chocolate for breakfast everyday.

So we flash forward past the 80’s and the 90’s in all their man-made fibre glory. I do now let myself stay up long enough to watch whatever I want, (and though sadly the A-Team no longer features on Saturday night tv there is never a shortage of Muppets to watch, trust me) The freedom to live in a messy room did lose it’s appeal some time back-never mind the choice is always there should I wish to return to it… But I finally stumbled across The Holy Grail of Breakfasts on my journey to Wellness-oh yes folks I give you The Chocolate Green Smoothie.

It’s magic. It’s love. If it were legal in this fine country of ours I’d have made an honest man out of it some time ago. It’s a couple of handfuls of spinach (or whatever greens you wish to use) 3 bananas, a spoonful of raw chocolate powder. half a glass of water, a couple of minutes in a blender and breakfast is served.

There is nothing this little greeny-brown beauty cannot do. If you need more energy-BANG! If you want your skin to improve-it’s on the case. I used to do a lot of location-based work and I would make two to get me through the day. Now I’m based in studios (and incredibly lazy) I tend to buy juices instead. But I never feel better than when I start the day with a Chocolate Green Smoothie-if you don’t want to splash out on the Raw Chocolate powder, then just go Green! I personally like to eat chocolate as often as possible but it’s a really cheap meal without the powder…

Just a note to those of you not at the walking stage of recovery yet, go slow with the smoothies if you are in a bed or wheelchair right now because if you can’t burn the smoothie off all the sugar will leave you feeling pretty rough. It’s an amazing aid to building back muscle tone when you do start walking though. All the Amino Acids convert to Protein in your body and help with re-building muscle-which is really handy if you aren’t feeling hungry enough for meals yet.

I know it sounds like the least delicious thing on Earth, but try one and you’ll soon change your mind! Chocolate for breakfast- I knew I could make it happen…


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