I’m referring to the ones we have in our own lives-rather than the bouffe haired one’s that crack one-liners whilst sipping truly massive cups of coffee in Central Perk, just so we’re clear ok…

Ah Friends-aren’t they the best. In Primary School you pick them by such means as who has the matching pencil or lunch box to yours. This decided the friendship is further sealed by a skipping rope, one of you being restrained by it round your middle as the “horse” the other the rider…

It gets slightly more complicated as you get other though. Once we stop using Rainbow Brite Lunchboxes and swap the pencil cases for purses. Then we need things like shared interests or places of work. Boys on the whole seem to skip this issue altogether by having the same group of friends since the age of 3…

The thing about being ill suddenly and then remaining so for a very long time is that it’s a pretty fine crash course in revealing who your true friends are. If your experience has been anything like mine then it will truly surprise and at times shock you. I had people I considered soul-sisters drop me without a second glance-yet people who I was a truly crap friend to astonished me with their loyalty. Once I was at the point where I could function again as a regular person I’m happy to say I dismissed the former, and kept the latter very close to me indeed.

Some people can probably go through their entire lives never truly knowing if the people they choose to surround themselves with are genuine friends or not. I’m glad to say this experience in my Journey to Wellness has made me really proficient in spotting which is which. I’m friendly to everyone. But I’m very careful who I call a true friend.

True friends don’t care whether you can walk or not. If you are bed bound in your parent’s spare room. If they are a great friend they won’t even see it after the first few visits. A real friend, a keeper, will just love you for who you are right there and then. This sort of friendship is worth it’s weight in gold.

And let’s not be mad at the one’s who could not hack it. It’s not really their fault. And whose to say we would have been any different anyway. They can still be acquaintances, there’s no need to go around being angry at them. That does no one any favours.

You don’t have to go through such drama to see who your true friends are that’s a certainty. True friends have no agenda, they simply enjoy your company. It’s quite simple when it comes down to it. So let’s appreciateĀ the wonderful gift of friendship we have on our lives today. Because it’s the best gift there is, no matter how you came to possess it.

Carrie x


Medical Disclaimer:

I’m not a doctor. The information provided on this site is not a substitute for professional medical advice and care. If you have specific needs, please see a professional health care provider. Thank you.


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