Clear Vision

As I awoke this morning bleary-eyed from a night show, I decided to wake myself up by heading into my local town for a cuppa to enjoy the nice weather.

I hopped aboard the Big Red London Bus as a lady was getting off. I heard her enquire whether she was in a particular Town Centre. The bus driver very rudely told her no, he wasn’t going there so she’d better get off the bus. Now. I watched in disbelief as this driver kicked a totally blind lady off the bus at least 15 minutes walk from where she wanted to be and nowhere near anywhere she knew.

My first thought was now I understood why bus drivers are surrounded by a plastic pod, because if I’d had him any closer he’d be looking even uglier than he already was (a feat of daring to imagine if ever there was one), my second was to get off the bus and get her to where she needed to be.

So off we walked at a leisurely pace. I felt pretty bad for her because truly I’m terrible at directions. I have a sneaking suspicion everyone whose ever asked me for directions is still walking around various parts of West London dazed and confused…it is my greatest hope they have set up a support group for each other… I managed to get us to her destination in one piece..barring one moment where I walked us both headfirst into a massive Rose Bush…she was very nice about it though…

As we were walking the strangest thing happened. She was a really calm quiet person, and it made everything else around us seem hyper-loud and fast. She stood in silence with me at crossroads to listen for the audio signal at traffic lights that I’ve never even really stopped to listen to. She anticipated every crack and incline in the pavement. It was quite astonishing.

It was a beautiful day in London. I could easily have walked through it appreciating the sunshine, and the fact that I could walk at all. I would have done that anyway. But nowhere near the way I did after meeting this lovely lady. I was bombarded by the riot of colours before me. It seems like everyday I’m so overloaded with visual information that I break it down and cancel 90% of it out so I don’t get overwhelmed. This definitely used to be the case when I first started leaving the house again after 2 years. It was too much. Too scary. I couldn’t handle it. But today it felt like a miracle, everything I could see, could hear. I wanted to take it all on board, really feel it fully. I hope it lasts beyond today. I think that’s something stronger than positive thinking or appreciation. I think it’s life affirming. I feel quite greedy for it now. If I could I would bottle this feeling and give it to you right now wherever you are on this Journey.

Carrie x


Medical Disclaimer:

I’m not a doctor. The information provided on this site is not a substitute for professional medical advice and care. If you have specific needs, please see a professional health care provider. Thank you.


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