The Basics

The Basics

I used to be your average 25 year old. Then I was housebound for a few years. Then I was in a wheelchair. Then I got out of the wheelchair. Then the real work started.

I think that just about covers it….

If you’re reading this then perhaps you are at one of these stages yourself. I’m here to tell you now what I tell people every day. If I got through this you can too. I’m not a special case. There’s nothing extraordinary about me. I’m very average. I just wanted my average life back. But what I got was so much more. And I want that for you too.

I’ll be writing about different stages of this journey. The past experiences, the tips I picked up along the way to help me through. The stuff that worked for me but perhaps not for others. The things that worked for others but not for me. I want it all on here.

And it won’t just be my story. I hope others will contribute theirs. I hope things get very crowded around here. I’d love your company.

Carrie x

Medical Disclaimer:


I’m not a doctor. The information provided on this site is not a substitute for professional medical advice and care. If you have specific needs, please see a professional health care provider. Thank you.








One thought on “The Basics

  1. Diana says:

    Wow. This is a great forum miss C. We all have a story, our own personal journey. I know that is what life is, I don’t know alot but I do know that a life focus on what you get rather give eventually is empty. People can and do live that way, long lives and never get it. I feel so fortunate to be a ordinary person who has found that giving, paying it forward is the answer to all my woes. Whenever I’m miserable I help someone and magically feel better, it’s that simple. I have to get out of my own head. My story in a nutshell: Age 13 was given whiskey by a friend and had a terrible reaction, 3 day pass out, not blackout, I do believe I should have been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. Never drank again until young 20 something. Single mother, wine in the evening, oh the perfect thing. Daily wine drinker. Move to California at 27 and become psychiatric nurse. Wine, Wine, Wine. Marry alcoholic. 2 more children. Leave him and job transfers me to another town far away. 3 kids and full time job, parents from PA come to live near me and die. During this 10 year period alcoholism blossoms and I cross the line, start to have amnesia (blackouts) often. Drink and dial alot. Problems. Now it’s not all fun, blame and drink. Eating disorder mixed in and I became extremely sick, had thiamine deficiency, malnutrition, muscle wasting, hair loss, weakness…..i was a mess.

    I choose at the end, during detox to call a 12 step program. Not one that I wished to be a part of for sure. It worked and I could plainly see that in the people I met with years and years of sobriety. I choose a spiritual program based on a higher power of my own understanding, the universe and energy, earth based. Then I got to work. Dr. Drew is my Idol. Is Dr. Drew in England? Simply put, gratitude and acceptance are part of every day. The promises that I was so attracted to in the program have come true and thats why they are the promises. I would love to post them if anyone interested. Today I have the courage to trust myself again, I left my marriage because the truth is I was not in love the way I deserve to be should I choose a partner again. I moved back to the ocean from large house with pool to tiny apartment with my teenage son. Let my middle daughter go. Love her and let her grow. Then I quit my job, in this economy many don’t understand that, but I know I will have what I need, in time if I do my part. ‘Im awaiting a call from an interview I did this week at a children’s crisis center a stones throw from Camarillo state hospital that is now a University. Its where I worked and loved very much 15 years ago…..who knows it would almost be to good to be true but in the process of loving myself again I know I deserve good things. If this isn’t my job, there will be another. Love to you all! Diana oh p.s. working with other women alcoholics always….how could i possibly go through that and not share what I learned? fear and shame kept me sick for so long I’m proud to be a recovering alcoholic Women.

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