Hi. I’m Carrie. I’m a TV Presenter- and I’m Recovered.

Recovered from Alcoholism

Recovered from the years I spent housebound and in a wheelchair.

Two totally unrelated things. One method of Recovery.

Recovered from the years I then spent living in fear back out in the world. From assuming a life of recovery meant existing rather than really living.

New Life After is a place I set up to give anyone the tools to get from where they are now to where they want to be. A New Life After is not about deprivation or struggle. It’s about really living, discovering a life so good that the years of fear or illness or addiction seem like a distant memory.

I believe Recovery is achievable for anyone. That we all deserve it. That we don’t have to live half a life and think it is okay or normal.

Normal is happy. It is independent. It is being excited about getting up in the morning Moving through the day without feeling scared or vulnerable. Feeling in control of who we are and what we want. Not at the mercy of a substance. Or our body. Or our mind.

Everyday someone finds Recovery and starts their New Life After. I was one of those people-and there’s nothing special about me.

Why shouldn’t today be you?

Caroline Armstrong